Five Reasons the Rockets Will Win the Portland Series Even After Losing Game 1

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Sunday night's overtime loss to the Trailblazers in the first round of the NBA Playoffs cost the Rockets the very home court advantage they fought for until the penultimate game of the season. It was as frustrating a loss as fans will see with poor play down the stretch, sloppy play most of the game, a blown lead in the fourth quarter and a team of referees that appeared to believe they were opponents of both teams and the game of basketball itself.

The good news is that it was pretty damn ugly and the Rockets still managed to take it down to a final possession. Losing the home court certainly hurts, particularly when the Rockets spent so much time fighting to secure it, but there is most definitely a silver lining.

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The Twin Tower experiment is over.

Coach Kevin McHale foolishly went back to playing Omer Asik on the floor with Dwight Howard, something he tried to start the season. Asik quickly found himself in foul trouble and remained glued to the bench much of the rest of the night. The theory, I assume, was that this would keep Howard out of foul trouble and keep him fresh for the offensive end. It backfired miserably and rendered the Rockets' big men ineffective for the better part of three quarters. Terrence Jones may struggle guarding LaMarcus Aldridge, but his athleticism and energy are necessary. My guess is you'll see more double teams on Aldridge going forward, forcing the Blazers to hit outside shots, something they don't always do.

Fouls likely won't be as significant a factor.

Sunday night, it was as if the referees assigned to the game made the decision early on that this matchup of the Rockets and Blazers was going to resemble a game between the Pistons and Knicks circa 1980. The first half was a lopsided affair with the Rockets not attempting a single free throw. That reversed itself in the second half, and multiple players including Aldridge and Howard fouled out before the end of overtime. Howard's final foul was actually ruled by the league on Monday as a foul on the defender, not Howard. Instead of fouling out, he should have gotten free throws. Everyone thought the officiating on both sides was terrible. No doubt the NBA will clean this up as best they can for the rest of the series.

Photo by Keith Allison
These Rockets seem to need to be pushed.

For some reason, this Rockets team needs to be down before playing well. They have that in common with Rockets teams of years past. This is not a wise strategy, but it seems as if they play their best ball when their backs are against the wall, as the cliché goes. This certainly qualifies. If they are down 0-2 heading to Portland, things will get significantly more critical, but hopefully a game-one loss is enough to give them the nudge they need.

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McHale has been getting slammed in some circles.  Guess Les Alexander might be making a change after the season.


Personally, it looked like the Twin Towers were actually working pretty well at containing LMA, until foul trouble happened on Asik and Howard.


I have a problem with your point about LaMarcus Aldridge's ability. This year has been his best year and he's been in the MVP running (top 5) all season, quietly amassing points and rebounds while Durant and Lebron do their thing in the spotlight. He's a consistent force for the Trailblazers and has been a thorn in Houston's side for quite some time. The 46/18 game was just an excellent game by a great player. For all of his energy, Terrance Jones was called a "human chair" by either Shaq or Barkley with regards to his defensive contest against Aldridge. It was no contest at all and Aldridge got off the looks that he wanted against Jones. 

I'm a Rockets fan, but also a fan of great basketball and Aldridge definitely played great basketball. 

The irony in his 46/18 was that he scored the majority of his points with jumpers in the 10 -18 ft range, a style of play unfamiliar to the Rockets and their 3 or dunk mentality.

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