2014 NBA Playoffs: Rockets-Blazers Preview and Predictions

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It all begins Sunday. Fingers crossed.
After six long months, now comes the payoff.

From about the time that Yao Ming's feet stopped fully cooperating, through every single minor trade to flip a couple second round picks into a reserve player that could then be mixed into another trade for an eventual asset to land a superstar, through a league aborted trade for what he thought was that superstar (Pau, we barely knew ye!), and eventually through a meticulous recruitment that landed Dwight Howard, Daryl Morey has assembled this Rockets team for April.

And May. And June.

We hope.

And it all begins Sunday at Toyota Center, and all things considered, when you scout the West from top to bottom, and factor in all that went right and wrong for the Rockets this season, things line up as well as one could hope for a postseason run.

The Portland Trail Blazers come to town Sunday night to play the final of what will be eight opening round Game 1's around the league this weekend, and ostensibly while these teams are identical from a won-loss standpoint (54-28) and similar statistically (Rockets 4th offense, 12th defense, +4.7 point differential; Portland 5th offense, 16th defense, +4.0 point differential), the general perception around the league seems to be that this series should play out relatively easily, as 4 vs 5 series go, for the Rockets. (The Rockets are -220 favorites in Vegas.)

Why is that?

Well, start with the obvious factor -- the Rockets' home court advantage, which should actually prove to be more valuable at the beginning of the series than at the end of the series, allowing the Rockets Games 1 and 2 to suck the life out of a team with very little postseason experience among its players-that-matter.

As it turns out, the most important play of the Rockets' season might have ended up being this three pointer by James Harden last month to complete a massive fourth quarter comeback and send this game against the Blazers to overtime...

That was, in theory, the difference between starting the playoffs at home or on the road. (Side note: How the hell does Harden get his feet set on the side of the court like that with so little space, and still get behind the line? VERY underrated basketball sense.)

The second thing to keep in mind is that Portland arrived at their 54-28 record with a relatively healthy cast of characters. Aside from LaMarcus Aldridge, who missed thirteen games over the course of the season, the other five starters for the Blazers all played in all 82 games. In other words, a lot had to go right for the Blazers to get to 54-28, the Rockets overcame a lot to get to 54-28.

Meanwhile, the Rockets have their full rotation of players healthy (or at least "ready to go"), which has rarely happened this season. Terrence Jones led the team in games played with 76, and their third most important player, point guard Patrick Beverley, missed 26 games this season. It's no surprise that the Rockets went on their best run of the season, a 15-2 stint from late January to early March, with their rotation largely intact. (By the way, the final game of that stretch? The overtime win over Portland. It's a sign!)

Finally, the Rockets, for all of their youth (fourth youngest team in the league and the youngest in the postseason), have serious playoff experience, with the nucleus of this team (minus Dwight) having been through a series together last season against Oklahoma City, and their two best players having been to the NBA Finals. The Blazers, meanwhile, have Aldridge and Nicolas Batum with some random playoff appearances and Mo Williams with some time as chum in the wake of LeBron in Cleveland.

Other than that? Nothing to really speak of.

So, yes, if the Rockets do these three things...

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Beverly is in NO WAY on Lillard's level. That sports writers would give Beverly an advantage, or say that he is capable of slowing Lillard down was unbelievably stupid. No good defensive player can stop a great offensive player one on one. NOBODY. And as it turns out, maybe Aldridge and Lillard are more talented than Howard and Harden after all? Houston had no answer for either of them.


You were saying??? HA Go Blazers!!

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