Wheel of Fortune Hail Mary, So Crazy It Almost Looks Fixed (with Video)

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Hope can come from strange places.
With all due respect to the four play-in games in Dayton, Ohio the last two nights, today is the first real day of March Madness.

We've all probably filled out a bracket, and we all head into Thursday afternoon's games with a hope (albeit a 1 in 9.2 quintillion hope) of a perfect bracket. It's the ultimate shot in the dark, with odds so long that Warren Buffett is offering a billion dollars to the person who can achieve a flawless bracket the way the rest of us offer up a dollar to a homeless person.

(Full disclosure, part of that is because of the difficulty of getting a perfect bracket, but part of that is probably because a billion dollars to Warren Buffett is the equivalent of a dollar to the rest of us. Or me, at least. Buffett's worth $56 billion, which means I'm worth...yep, numbers don't lie.)

Hope can come from strange places, and for those of you looking for a ray of hope in the pursuit of perfection, in the completion of the ultimate Hail Mary, how about a game show?

Yes, that's right. Inspiration from Wheel of Fortune!

It was Bonus Puzzle time on last night's episode, and Emil had painted himself into a corner. The show gave him the requisite "given" letters for the puzzle -- letters "R, S, T, L, N, and E" -- and they were of little help (or so we thought), netting Emil only an N and an E as the first two letters of the first word.

Emil then tacked on letters of his own -- "H, M, D and O," and where normally we would see panels lighting up and watch Vanna White flip them around, Emil got nothing. Zilch. Nada.

So it was now up to Emil to guess what this "THING" was in the three word puzzle, with words of three, four, and five letters, respectively, with just the first two letters of the first word. Fortunately, the hint that it was a "THING" narrowed it down to every tangible noun on the face of the earth and presumably in galaxies near and far.

Piece of cake, right?

Well, apparently, it was, because watch....

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Jacob Haslam
Jacob Haslam

Mr. Pengergast needs to stop getting his column ideas from Deadspin.

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