Ukrainians in Houston Speak Out About Crimea

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Those back in Ukraine share a mix of beliefs, some even thinking the U.S. and Russia are trying to stir up a civil war in the country. The man in this video says, "Ukraine has become a colony of the U.S. since 1991."

Secretary of State John Kerry made a stop in Kiev today and pledged $1 billion in aid (that still needs an okay from Congress ) while calling out Russia on its land grab and promising to spank them. But things are moving swiftly as the New York Times reports late Tuesday that some Ukranian troops on Crimea are pledging allegiance to Russia.

Here in Houston, the Ukrainian group doesn't have any plans for another protest yet, but will monitor the situation and make announcements on Facebook and website.

"At this point our goal is unity. Myself and a lot of Ukrainians would like to see unity, but a wise unity," Marchiano said.

"We were very grateful and pleasantly surprise to see so many Russian citizens show up [during Sunday's protests]," she said. "There are people in Russia with their eyes open and not agreeing with what the politics of Russia are saying."

Marchiano said part of the reason it's important for Ukrainians and Russians to voice their opinions about actions in Crimea here in Houston is because "there's greater risk to speaking out against government actions," back home.

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