Twitter Wars: Richard Sherman Takes on the World

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Photo by Jeffrey Beall
Sherman's Twitter war.
It was a polarizing moment, maybe the most polarizing moment of the NFL season (not involving Richie Incognito talking about running a train on one of Jonathan Martin's female relatives), but I loved Richard Sherman's promo that he cut on Michael Crabtree after the NFC Title Game in Seattle.

It was brash, it was honest, it was loud. It was basically all the things that any self-respecting WWE fan (which I am) should love.

For those who have forgotten the moment, to refresh, here it is:

Honestly, as an aside, I'm not saying that interview has become tamer since it actually happened, but it does feel more and more ridiculous that it was so controversial the further removed from it that we get. It still feels fun to me!

It frankly makes me wish the season started tomorrow. And if this were 1990, or 2000, or even 2005, we would probably have to wait until July or August to climb back aboard the Richard Sherman Shit Talk Express. But now, in 2014, thanks to the magic of Twitter, we get Richard Sherman's reminding his peers just how great he is year round!

Take yesterday, for example.

Yesterday was a busy Twitter day for Richard Sherman. He took on not just one, but two of his fellow NFLers in a Twitter steel cage match where the winner ultimately took home the grand prize of self satisfaction and the adulation of Twitter dorks (like me) everywhere.

It was quite the display of social media endurance by Sherman, like the Twitter version of Bret "Hitman" Hart in Wrestlemania X, where he took on his brother Owen Hart in a 45 minute opening match and then wrestled in the main event against Yokozuna for the WWE championship.

Exact. Same. Thing.

So let's take a look back at these epic Sherman battles from yesterday:

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