The Truth on the Matt Schaub Situation

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You want the truth?
I understand the emotions of sports fans.

Hell, I am a sports fan; I just happen to have a microphone and a password to the Houston Press's blogging mechanism.

I was there in the stadium for most of the soul-crushing Matt Schaub pick sixes last season, including the third play of the San Francisco game, where Tramaine Brock took it to the house running right toward me for six points about three seconds into the 49ers game. Seriously, the only thing that could have been more infuriating would have been Brock handing me my credit card statement with the cost of the tickets to that game after he spiked the ball.

Matt Schaub didn't singlehandedly ruin the Texans' season in 2013, but he was one of the biggest reasons they finished 2-14, as he stacked lowlight after lowlight on top of each other, one football explosive after another imploding Houston's Super Bowl dreams.

I understand the foregone conclusion that Matt Schaub would be gone in 2014, especially with a new head coach, a "quarterback guru" no less! How could he possibly look at Matt Schaub and see any redeeming QB value?

I get it. So, I get why everyone in Houston freaked out when my man John McClain from the Houston Chronicle tweeted this Tuesday morning:

I can hear the Obi Wan "millions of voices crying out in terror" now!

NOOOOOOO!!!! They can't bring Schaub back!!!!

Hey, here's the thing -- you're right. They can't bring Matt Schaub back, and my guess still is they probably won't. But here is the reality of the situation in three nice, neat little bullet points:

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I agree the Texans need to do what is best for the team at the same time I don't see JJ wasting his career as a Texan


The only issue for the Texas concerning Schaub is what's best for the team?  A largely immobile weakarmed QB with signs of being shellshocked isn't going to do much for a team like the Texans who still have to rebuild the offensive line.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Every Schaub story you do should have that fantastically bad T shirt you found at HEB as the cover photo.


at this point, there should be no rush to release Schaub. depending on what else is done on the QB front, there is a credible case for keeping him around

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