The Art of NBA Tanking: The Philadelphia 76ers Have No Shame

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4. Before the season, Vegas set the Sixers' season win total at an ultra-pathetic 16.5 wins, and if you took the OVER, you were probably laughing when the Sixers started the season on a three game winning streak and 5-4 through nine games. Well, they've now been sitting on 15 wins since late January, and there is no chance they'll be remotely close to being favored in a game the remainder of the season. In fact, how about this....

5. ....last week, the Sixers had their best look at a couple potential wins with back to back home games against the Milwaukee Bucks and the Orlando Magic, the other two worst teams in the Eastern Conference not named "the Sixers." Well, not only did the Sixers lose both games by double digits, but it turns out they weren't even favored. They were three point underdogs to the Bucks and four point 'dogs to the Magic! Amazing, especially when you consider that the Bucks hadn't been a road favorite since last season, and the Magic hadn't been a road favorite since 2012. (Also, it's not a big surprise that Vegas isn't fooled by Hinkie's shenanigans.)

6. The Sixers "shrewd trade deadline moves" consisted of moving two of their starters, wingman Evan Turner and center Spencer Hawes, for a combined package of Danny Granger, Earl Clark, Henry Sims, and two second round draft picks. Naturally, upon arrival, they bought out Granger (the only item coming back in the Turner deal) and let him go for nothing.

7. One betting site actually had the Sixers as an 11 point underdog Saturday night to the Washington WNBA team, the Mystics....

That's either a great sense of humor or bullying, depending on how thin skinned you are.

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