Texans Tracker Update: The Blake Bortles' Pro Day Gushing Adjustment

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(SIDE BAR: I'm disappointed in how badly the Internet in general has underplayed Bortles' bald spot. Is nobody worried that he might actually be like 34 years old? I mean, how much do we know about this Bortles character, anyway? Does the bald spot cancel out the hot girlfriend? The bald spot doesn't even have a fake Twitter account yet! See, this is my kind of analysis.)

So now T-minus seven days until Johnny Manziel's Pro Day. Somehow, I don't think the experts are going to be as effusive in their praise of Johnny Football. Hell, Merril Hoge has already started practicing is hatred...

Pro Days, y'all!

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If the scuttlebutt on O'Brien is true, he's likely to think Bortles might be the one.


@Puller58 Update.  The Texans sign Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Not a great move by O'Brien.  At this point, Fitzpatrick isn't even as good as Schaub was a few years ago.  Look for Clowney to get drafted to make McNair happy.  Sheesh...

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