Texans Head Coach Bill O'Brien Speaks ... And Speaks, And Speaks Some More

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Something like a Belichick disciple.
We all know Houston Texans' head coach Bill O'Brien is one of the many branches off of the Bill Belichick tree. To call him a Belichick disciple might be overstating things, as O'Brien likely seeks to carve out his own style.

But no doubt, along the way, O'Brien has and will continue to take certain aspects from Belichick's coaching style.

If you've ever watched a Belichick press conference, then you know that part of said style is to give answers that are so short and dismissive that the media walks into every session with an odd combination of fear and confusion coursing through their veins. Belichick is practically a robot. A mean robot who will tear your heart out with invisible lasers from his eyeballs.

This whole part of Belichick's deal, the condescending asshole press conference part, apparently will not be something O'Brien "brings with him" to the Texans portion of his career.

At least it appears that way.

O'Brien met with the media at the league meetings in Orlando yesterday, and he was downright chatty. Hell, he was engaging to the point that it seemed like dude just wouldn't shut up! When did anyone ever say that about Belichick?

Obviously, between being totally new to the job and coaching the team with the number one pick in the draft, there's a lot the media wants to know from and about Bill O'Brien. And from the draft process to J.J. Watt to his family to Flight 370 (ok, maybe not Flight 370), he was more than happy to share his thoughts.

For the sake of brevity, I will keep this post focused on his quotes about the different quarterbacks, since O'Brien has confirmed that they will indeed take a quarterback at some point in this draft. Here's a transcript of the quarterback response highlights of O'Brien's session on Tuesday:

On if a quarterback like Blake Bortles is too raw to start right away:

"He certainly hasn't played a lot of football, relative to other guys because he's been the starter there for two years. He's a guy, I think a lot like a lot of these guys, who has worked extremely hard to improve every year. Even in this short period of time since the bowl game, and I could say this about all the guys, they've really worked hard on improving. Whether they've hired a quarterback coach like Blake has Jordan Palmer, who has obviously done a good job with him to improve some of his skillset. That's what you look at. Does this guy get better and is he trying to get better? Is he working at getting better? Blake, like all of these guys, is trying to get better."

On if he saw improvement in Blake Bortles workout last week:

"Yeah, I did. I saw it in his workout the other day, again, that's an on-air workout. Really, if you're throwing to guys that you're used to throwing to, which I think he was, he had (Jeff) Godfrey there and a couple of receivers and a couple of backs, the ball really never hit the ground. I think it only hit the ground like twice. You could see better footwork. You could see a more compact delivery. I'll say this about Teddy (Bridgewater)--I was at Teddy's too--people made a big deal about Teddy's day, but I thought Teddy had a decent day. He threw some incompletions but Teddy has obviously worked extremely hard to improve his footwork, his throwing mechanics and he's working with Chris Weinke. So you've got Chris Weinke and Jordan Palmer, I mean those guys know what they're talking about. I've seen improvement there and I'm sure we'll see improvement with Johnny (Manziel) when we show up there on Thursday, because he's working with George Whitfield. He's doing some unique things. I saw an article where he's dropping back in the beach and the ocean and stuff like that. I think these guys, like I said yesterday on NFL Network, there are other quarterbacks in the draft. I think it's just being a quarterback coach, I think it's important to know that there are a lot of quarterbacks that are winners, that have played well. I probably shouldn't mention names because I'll forget somebody but you've got (A.J.) McCarron and (Zach) Mettenberger and (Jimmy) Garoppolo, you can go right down the line. (Tom) Savage is a guy, we were at his pro day. There are a lot of guys that can play quarterback."

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