Stereotype Story of the Year: Meth-Smokin' Half-Siblings Make Out in Walmart Loss Prevention Office

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This story tugged at our heartstrings. At least that's why we think we got sick.
The heart wants what it wants. And in the case of Charlene Marie Ellet and her half-brother Beck, their hearts allegedly want meth and sweet taboo bangin' in motel bathrooms.

The saga unfolded last week when Montgomery County constables were dispatched to a Porter Walmart in response to a suspected shoplifting. After searching the couple's car, officers found a bag containing "a light bulb with burn marks and a cut pen with a crystal substance on it," according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter.

"When they arrived back at the [loss prevention] office, both were placed in adjoining cells," the story continues. "As deputies worked on the booking reports, they witnessed Beck and Ellet kissing each other on the lips through the bars."


"Ellet was then removed and taken back to another office and questioned about the strange relationship," according to the story. "She told them she was adopted and had the same biological mother but a different father. She stated that Beck had been in prison and they had been writing each other. He was released in November of last year."

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