Robbery Suspect Catches Beat-Down in Attempted Purse Snatching Inside Bar

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Julian Marino, top left, and Kethus Byrd escaped a beat-down, but got nabbed by Harris County Sheriff's Department.
Patrick Ridioux was probably wondering where his friends went while patrons were beating his face in for allegedly trying to steal a woman's purse at Draft Picks Sports Bar on FM 529.

Harris County Sheriff's Deputies were called to the bar just before midnight Wednesday when they said Ridioux, 21, and two other suspects grabbed a woman's purse and struck her. "She grabbed it at the same time," said Thomas Gilliland, an HCSO spokesman. "A struggle ensued and he punched the victim in the face and the chest."

It's not clear how many bar patrons intervened, but they held Ridioux until deputies arrived. The other suspects, Kethus Byrd, 24, and Julian Marino, 25, got away and allegedly took deputies on a vehicle chase before stopping near Fry Road and F.M. 529, fleeing on foot through a local subdivision.

It's also unclear who took the swing on the woman back at the bar, but all three men are charged with robbery with bodily injury. Marino kept running and hid underneath a vehicle before deputies could apprehend him, and he also faces a charge of evading detention.

The trio were on something of a short-lived violent robbery spree Wednesday night. Deputies say they were identified by victims of another robbery attack near a Walmart located at 15900 F.M. 529 and Lakeview Haven earlier that evening.

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