Rice Basketball Hits the Reset Button, Starts Search for New Coach

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But then there's that whole history with Rice and basketball. The history of failure. Of careers on the decline. A history of irrelevance. The school's almost an afterthought when it comes to basketball that plays in a second-rate conference that's lucky to get one bid a year into the NCAA tourney. And it's with this background that Karlgaard's going to try to find a new coach.

It almost makes one wonder why it is that Rice dumped Willis Wilson after the 2008 season. Sure, the team was 3-27 that season, but that was also the season the Owls bounced around the state of Texas, playing home games at the Merrill Center in Katy and at Reliant Arena and Toyota Center. Wilson's also the winningest coach in Rice history, winning 219 games and guiding the team through three conferences and three NIT appearances. And his reward was being fired before he could even coach a game in the renovated Tudor Fieldhouse.

Rice football and baseball have shown that they can win games in Conference USA. Now it's time for the basketball team to take the next step. And that next step is finding a coach who can get close to replicating what Wilson was able to do at at the school.

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WestSideBob topcommenter

This hire will go a long way towards establishing Karlgaard's legacy on main St.  Let's hope he gets it right !  GO OWLS !!

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