Playboy Playmate Butt Cheek Golf Tee Stunt Goes Awry (w/ VIDEO)

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Well, this....

The video looks innocent enough. I mean, after all, Dickson appears to be smiling and laughing afterward, and the club kind of bounced off of her cheek and didn't appear to hit anything that would resemble bone (i.e., no fractures). Maybe just a bruise.

Well, yeah, there was a bruise. A HUGE ONE. And according to a lawsuit recently filed by Dickson, there was much, much more.

Dickson filed the complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging battery and negligence. According to TMZ, she is suing for $500K plus punitive damages. In addition to the dinner-plate-size welt on her ass, Dickson's attorney says the swing damaged the model's hip ligaments and nerves. He also says she's incurred more than $33,000 in medical bills so far, and to this day still feels numbness and tingling in her right leg. Also, we would be remiss not to mention the "pain, suffering, worrying and anxiety as a result of her injuries," according to the suit.

Wow, that's a lot of stuff!

Now, allow me to play mock judge on this one and provide a swift and decisive verdict -- um, Liz, you allowed a pudgy, middle-aged radio host wearing a headset and microphone to swing a driver near your ass. What the hell did you expect to happen?

This judge rules in favor of Playboy. Case dismissed.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Hopefully her lawyer is insisting she not put the balm on.

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Gives new meaning to the term 'dumbass"

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