Playboy Playmate Butt Cheek Golf Tee Stunt Goes Awry (w/ VIDEO)

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Even if you're not a big golf enthusiast, golf tournaments can still be a lot of fun.

That's because good golf tournaments, charity or otherwise, typically have plenty of ancillary agenda items and accouterments to distract you from just how utterly ragged your golf game is. Open bar, hole-in-one contests, longest drive, free cigars, all of those rank among my favorites.

Then there are the really upscale golf tournaments. And those are the ones where you get a Playboy-caliber lady serving as a human driving range mat by wedging a golf tee in between her butt cheeks. Now, those tournaments are the best!

Unless you're Liz Dickson, said human driving range mat.

Dickson is a model and was the winner of Playboy's 2011 "Girl of Playboy Golf" contest. As part of the grand prize, apparently Dickson was granted the privilege of attending the Playboy Golf Finals at the Industry Hills Golf Club in Los Angles in March 2012.

Part of her duties (which she presumably agreed to uphold when she won the contest, kind of like Miss America) consisted of allowing the tournament to use her butt cheeks as a prop in a disaster-waiting-to-happen stunt with the radio host of the Playboy Morning Show, some dude named Kevin Klein.

The stunt was pretty simple -- the golf tee would be inserted in between Dickson's butt cheeks the same way you'd insert a tee for a drive, a ball would be teed up and Klein would take a swing.

What could possibly go wrong??

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Hopefully her lawyer is insisting she not put the balm on.

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Gives new meaning to the term 'dumbass"

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