Credit Card Numbers, Checks, Cash Stolen From Megachurch

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Lakewood Church was hit for over half a million in donations this weekend, say reports.
Joel Osteen's megachurch became more than a half-million dollars less prosperous, according to reports, following a theft from the Lakewood Church coffers over the weekend.

The church sent out a letter to churchgoers on Monday, the Houston Chronicle reports, telling them about the theft of cash, checks and donation slips with written credit card numbers. A small-print link on the church's website leads you to an "important message" about the theft.

Investigators with the Houston Police Department are still looking into the incident, in which funds donated during the Saturday and Sunday church services were lifted from a safe.

The church said in the message on its website:

"It is important to note this was not an electronic data breach, but was instead limited to donations made in the services on March 8 and 9, 2014. You were not affected if you put your offering in a drop box, you gave online or through other electronic means, or you made a bookstore purchase."

There isn't too much the Houston Police Department is willing to share at this point except that they believe the theft happened between 2:30 p.m. on Sunday and 8 a.m. Monday. The burglary was discovered Monday by a church employee and an off-duty Harris County Sheriff's Deputy who works there, according to a spokesman with the HPD.
The church is asking anyone who used his or her credit card to donate money to the church during those services to check the card's activity closely for the next several days. Anyone with questions should contact the church at 713-491-1506.

We're still not sure if this was all part of God's plan, but according to reports at least the church's funds were insured.

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Allegedly - I've never seen any written documentation of this church actualy giving money to charity. I can't say that they don't - can you say that they do?


Doesn't anyone wonder why (latest reports of the theft) he takes in more than 600 Thousand Dollars in just part of one weekend?  If you're going to a show, or seeing a therapist for a problem, Geez Luise I understand.  But don't any of you think you're money is going to do God's work, unless you think God want's Joel and Victoria to have many a Rolls Royce.

Please Houston Press do a hard look at the Mega-Church that is siphoning money from well meaning worshipers, only to have maybe 5 to 19 cents on the dollar used for charity.

John Wells
John Wells

"donation slips with written credit card numbers" Truly, they have a dizzying intellect.

Megan Caldwell
Megan Caldwell

Maybe the experience will teach them something about taking advantage of people.

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