Matt Schaub Traded to the Oakland Raiders

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1. From a financial perspective, I like that the deal forces the Texans to eat the $10.5 million dead money hit in one fell swoop in 2014. That's what rebuilding teams do; they take their medicine all at once. Now, the notion that the deal "saves" the Texans $4 million in cap space (the rough delta between Schaub's dead money and his would-have-been cap number as an active Texan) is a tad misguided, since they essentially turn around and use nearly all of those "savings" on Schaub's replacement, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

2. Anyone who thinks either of these moves -- Fitzpatrick's signing or Schaub's trade -- affects what the Texans do with the number one pick needs to think again. (And I would say this goes for the Raiders and their pick, too, but who the hell knows what the Raiders are thinking.) The Texans' need for a quarterback transcends any stopgap moves made for 2014 or 2015. The franchise needs to be making all decisions on the first pick with a ten-year mentality, not a ten-month mentality.

3. I think this trade by the Raiders effectively ends any speculation that Al Davis is still alive. My theory, by the way, has been that Davis faked his death and has been running the Raiders as a puppet regime through Reggie McKenzie, like the father of the Bruce in Braveheart, complete with the bloody bandages wrapped around his face. Well, one thing we know -- Al Davis loved to go VERTICAL. He would not have been down with the Schaub 35 Yard Deep Ball Special.

4. Back during the Pick Six parade in 2013, there were reports of Texans fans showing up at Matt Schaub's house, and let's just say they weren't exactly there to pay their respects, although reports that Schaub was "accosted" were probably greatly exaggerated. At worst, it was probably some heavyhanded loitering going on. Regardless, I've been to an Oakland Raiders game. I've seen Raider Fan up close. If Schaub starts handing out Pick Six candies in the Black Hole this season, it's going to make the Texans fans who showed up at his house look like the Welcome Wagon.

5. One more time, for good measure....good-bye, old friend....

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Schaub is going to have to change his personality and attitude when he gets to Oakland.  The culture of the team and of the town is low class, rough, cheating, and criminal.  Even while losing in Houston and getting pummeled both  on the field and in the press Schaub was always a class act.  No way in Oakland.  He will have to become a dirty cheater, or he will get run out of town during the pre-season.  Cannot think of a worse place for a nice guy to go.


On his way to Oakland, Schaub will get intercepted and end up in Kansas City.


Getting Schaub out of town and the Fitzpatrick signing are a wash.  You're trading a fading QB for another.  Yes, having a veteran not named Schaub might placate fans who want a superstar QB and a Super Bowl RIGHT NOW, but this still seems like McNair will succeed in getting Clowney drafted for the Texans, and should another QB be drafted will likely set the stage for instant dissatisfaction once the season should get off on the wrong foot.

texmex01 topcommenter



"The franchise needs to be making all decisions on the first pick with a ten year mentality, not a ten month mentality."

So then it stands to reason they will either take Clowney or trade down and take Mack and a perhaps QB later in the first or early second. It's becoming clearer and clearer that Blake, Bwater and your beloved Manziel are not worthy of an overall #1 pick, given so many question marks for each and this team's needs in so many areas. And there is likely not a huge gap between these three and the so-called second tier QB prospects. This draft is deep enough to build a core of talent that can be the foundation of a two- to three-year plan. Especially since a quick turnaround is not possible given our current roster. While I would be ok with Bridgewater #1 overall, there is much more value to be had in a longer-term approach, especially give the other needs, the potential value elsewhere in the draft and next year's QB draft class.

And you should have given Schaub at least some credit for the good he did for this franchise and this city, you jackass.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

@wax_seal What he did? He was mediocre and a failure on a lot of levels plus we paid him millions to fail. NO SYMPATHY.

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