Matt Schaub Traded to the Oakland Raiders

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Schaub a Texan no longer.
It's Week 14 of the 2012 NFL season. The 11-1 Houston Texans are in New England for the biggest game of the season, taking on the Patriots. A win in New England and home field advantage in the playoffs and a first-round bye are all but clinched.

The Texans trail 7-0 in the first quarter, but are on the move, 2nd and 8 from the New England 21 yard line. Matt Schaub drops back to pass, lofts a ball wishfully toward Kevin Walter (whose presence in the story makes this feel like it occurred a thousand years ago) and it's picked off by Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty.

The Texans' momentum snubbed, the Patriots march down the field to promptly take a 14-0 lead, which becomes a 21-0 lead, which becomes a 42-14 Patriots rout.

The Texans would go on to lose three of their final four games, get knocked out of the playoffs in a divisional round whimper against these very same Patriots, and that was that.

Then, 2-14 happened.

If the fall of Matt Schaub in Houston were an illness, the McCourty interception was the first tinge of pain or latent cough, the first sign that "Hey, something doesn't feel right."

The 2012 playoffs were more acute pain, and a sign that we probably should have a doctor at least look at us.

The barrage of pick sixes that Schaub threw to start the 2013 season was the onslaught, the affliction spreading quickly to every organ of the team, with no cure in sight. It just kept getting worse and worse and worse, and eventually, Schaub's Texans career died an ignominious death, an interception in his final pass as a Houston Texan in a meaningless game against the Tennessee Titans being its final words.

Miraculously, on Friday morning, Oakland traded a late-round draft choice for the remains of Matt Schaub's career, hoping for one final $10 million resurrection. Perhaps even more miraculously, the Raiders made this deal because they were afraid Schaub would go to the Cleveland Browns if he were released outright.

Yes, that's how messed up the quarterback calibration is in the NFL -- teams were making chess moves to make sure they got their hands on Matt Schaub. (Although to be fair, since the teams involved were Cleveland and Oakland, it was probably more like Candy Land than chess.)

MATT. SCHAUB. This guy...

It's almost as if the cities of Oakland and Cleveland don't get the NFL Sunday TIcket. Do they really think that Matt Schaub is fixable? And do they really think he is fixable with franchises who have cultures of completely obliterating the spirit and mojo of every quarterback that's come through their team over the past decade?

Since it's Oakland he's off to, I'll focus on them. Does Oakland's management team really sit in a room, look at each other and say, "Sure, sure, I realize Kerry Collins, Andrew Walter, Daunte Culpepper, JaMarcus Russell, Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer....but really, this time, MATT SCHAUB is the answer."

This will fail. It will fail miserably. It will be a spectacular train wreck of silver and black Amtrak cars crammed into one big explosive volcano of turnovers, sacks and spiky shoulder pads.

Indeed, Schaub, pending the successful passing of a physical (Vegas has "PASS" at -125.), will now move on to the next chapter of his career, in Oakland, with Raiders fans. This could get very entertaining.

A few other thoughts on this deal on my way out:

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Schaub is going to have to change his personality and attitude when he gets to Oakland.  The culture of the team and of the town is low class, rough, cheating, and criminal.  Even while losing in Houston and getting pummeled both  on the field and in the press Schaub was always a class act.  No way in Oakland.  He will have to become a dirty cheater, or he will get run out of town during the pre-season.  Cannot think of a worse place for a nice guy to go.


On his way to Oakland, Schaub will get intercepted and end up in Kansas City.


Getting Schaub out of town and the Fitzpatrick signing are a wash.  You're trading a fading QB for another.  Yes, having a veteran not named Schaub might placate fans who want a superstar QB and a Super Bowl RIGHT NOW, but this still seems like McNair will succeed in getting Clowney drafted for the Texans, and should another QB be drafted will likely set the stage for instant dissatisfaction once the season should get off on the wrong foot.

texmex01 topcommenter



"The franchise needs to be making all decisions on the first pick with a ten year mentality, not a ten month mentality."

So then it stands to reason they will either take Clowney or trade down and take Mack and a perhaps QB later in the first or early second. It's becoming clearer and clearer that Blake, Bwater and your beloved Manziel are not worthy of an overall #1 pick, given so many question marks for each and this team's needs in so many areas. And there is likely not a huge gap between these three and the so-called second tier QB prospects. This draft is deep enough to build a core of talent that can be the foundation of a two- to three-year plan. Especially since a quick turnaround is not possible given our current roster. While I would be ok with Bridgewater #1 overall, there is much more value to be had in a longer-term approach, especially give the other needs, the potential value elsewhere in the draft and next year's QB draft class.

And you should have given Schaub at least some credit for the good he did for this franchise and this city, you jackass.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

@wax_seal What he did? He was mediocre and a failure on a lot of levels plus we paid him millions to fail. NO SYMPATHY.

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