March Madness 2014: The Tourney in Prop Bets

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Let's go...
Come this time of year, almost everyone is filling out brackets. Hardcore fans, casual fans, kids, adults, bosses, secretaries...we all love March Madness!

However, this is also a time of year where degenerates get even more degenerate. Spreads, moneylines, prop bets, futures, exotics...everything is on the menu. It's all fair game.

So in doing my annual post where I try to impart at least a few nuggets of bracket wisdom, I want to make sure I cater to both crowds. So here are all of the March Madness prop bets from, and in making my selections, you should be able to piece together most of my bracket.

Let's go...

Which #1 ranked seed will be the first to be eliminated from the 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship? (If 2 or more are eliminated in same round wagers are No Action.)
Wichita State -110
Arizona +200
Virginia +300
Florida +600
PICK: ARIZONA +200. I have two #1 seeds (Virginia, Florida) making runs to the Final Four, and Wichita State getting knocked out in the Sweet 16 by ultra-live 4 seed Louisville. My Arizona pick has as much to do with their Round of 32 opponent as anything. I think at a #9 seed, Oklahoma State (who I have winning their opener, obviously) has way too much of their seven game losing streak in February backed into their seed. Oklahoma State is capable of a deep run in this thing. (And I say this knowing full well Digger Phelps picked the Cowboys to go to the Final Four.)

Will a #16 Seed advance past the round of 64 of the 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Tournament?
Yes +700
No -1500
PICK: NO -1500. It's never happened before, and if you can stomach having $1500 sitting out there at risk, this could be the easiest $100 you make the entire tournament.

How Many #1 seeds will make the Final 4 of the 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship?
½ .. Over -350, Under +225
PICK: Over -350

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