Linsanity Rewind: This 2012 Linsanity ABC Promo for a Knicks Game Is Crazy

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Now? He's in the fourth month of a steady downslide into a single digit points per game abyss that shows no signs of slowing down. Why does this matter? Well, because if Patrick Beverley has to start playing 35 to 38 minutes a night because Lin can't get his head screwed on right, he's going to get spent at some point in the postseason facing Westbrook or Parker or Paul or Curry or Lillard or Dragic or.....

You get my point.

Make no mistake, the Rockets will go as far as Dwight Howard and James Harden will take them, but there is such thing as a degree of difficulty, and Jeremy Lin's playing like a timid D Leaguer is going to trim down the Rockets margin for error.

Hell, at the very least, it makes the trade of Aaron Brooks slightly painful, unless a) Isaiah Canaan can play and b) Jordan Hamilton continues to play well.

Indeed, if Jeremy Lin was at one point a superhero, we are clearly in the part of his career where he married Lois Lane and had to give up his superpowers...

Let's just hope he gets them back in time for Zod's arrival the playoffs.

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This loser writer is just an ignorant hater. Lin has averaged 20 points 7 assists a game in the 8 games that Harden hasn't played this year. Rockets are a ridiculous 0.750% winning percentage when his idiot coach plays him over 30 mins. He STILL has it, he just isn't given the minutes or the chance by his coach. He's being overlooked again (story of his life).  As a starter in Houston last year his per36 minute output was 17 points 7 assists a game, next to Harden one of the biggest ball hogs who refuses to pass to him. This year Lin started on fire before he had a back injury. Now he's back to playing great shooting over 50% which the writer conveniently fails to mention.  Lin recently put up a triple double in only 29 minutes off the bench. The list of players in the last 30 years who put up a triple double in under 30 minutes is only a dozen guys, half of whom are in the Hall of Fame and the other half were all all-star players.

This moron writer is no different from the wrong "experts" behind why this kid got zero D1 offers out of HS (despite being Cali HS Player of the Year and one of the top5 finalists for Mr. Basketball in all of Cali), the wrong "experts" who overlooked him in college so he went undrafted, and all the teams that passed on him multiple times in the NBA.  They so wish he fails because it would validate their prejudice and confirmation bias because they can't get past his race and see his game.  It's no different from haters who say Obama is only President or Justin Timberlake or Eminem are only famous because they are [black or white]. These racial haters only see race, give zero credit to ability or skill.


The reality is outside of Yow Ming, can't think of any other asian players.  That kind of accounts for Lin's notariety.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Just because he's Asian doesn't mean you have to defend his mediocrity. He's average at best and for a guard handles the ball poorly/sloppily..


This author is a well know Lin hater troll.  Scoring the most points in first 5 starts was just beginner's luck right?  Scoring 38 against Lakers was a fluke right?  How about 28 and 14 against Mavs?  or the 38 against the Spurs?  the 29 against OKC? 34 against Sixers?  Triple Double in 29 mins off the bench against Cavs?   Why doesn't he mention anything about the coach who plays him out of position, gives him inconsistent mins, tells him to stand in the corner like elementary school detention, plays double standard by yelling at him for every mistake but other guys can screw up and get a free pass?  Nice way to build a young player's confidence. Houston is the armpit city of the US Sports - low life team, announcers, fans, and last by not least wannabe sportswriters!


@mmako  Then you should consider yourself trolled, huh?

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