HPD Review Video of Suspect in Pregnant Woman Slaying at Strip Club

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Photo from gentlemensreview.com
The Eclipse strip club was labeled a public nuisance by the city.
A pregnant woman was killed by robbers while working her cleaning job at the Eclipse Gentlemen's in Houston, police say. Maria Lucrecia, 27, was pronounced dead at the notorious club on South Gessner Road around 5:25 p.m. on Saturday.

To make matters utterly worse (like they could be really be any worse at this point), the Houston Chronicle reports that Lucrecia's body was found by her family.

Police believe the attacker took Lucrecia, who was five months pregnant, into the lobby, where he beat and strangled her. She was found there by her husband and the couple's 5-year-old son.

Houston Police homicide detectives reviewed a surveillance video that was released yesterday. They're still looking for the POS who did this.

Police say an unknown suspect entered the club while Lucrecia was working. She suffered blunt force trauma to the head. Cash was taken from a register before the suspect fled.

The nightclub was sued by the city in September for being a magnet for drugs and prostitution.

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Good, the owner of Eclipse is the same seedy guy who owns the Drake on Washington. 


@johnnybench @sanjay  

probably that the place is the subject of complaint and litigation with the city....can't you figure that out?

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