Who Are These Texas Animal Welfare Groups Protecting, and Why?

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Sara writes that she also told Perez that she was waiting on four other volunteers, some of whom were driving in from the Woodlands. Again, Perez was not pleased, according to her. He repeatedly threatened to tow the volunteers' truck, she writes. Finally, they had enough, and the volunteers told him they would leave -- but that "We don't deserve to be treated this way."

She continues: "But Edward kept on and on and continued to try to argue with us. We kept responding that we were hurrying, that we were leaving, and could possibly leave faster if he would just respectfully leave us alone while we packed up."

This allegedly incensed Perez even more; Sara writes that he shouted at the couple to "get your shit and go now!"

"Edward never stopped," Sara writes, "he continued to yell at us and berate us until all our doors were closed and were driving off. It was humiliating and completely disrespectful."

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Perez's behavior was allegedly so awful that the president of the Network's Houston chapter emailed an apology to volunteers on March 24: "My sincere apologies go out to all volunteers that were involved in Sunday's debacle at the HHS Fun Run. Basically, our set up volunteers arrived and were verbally attacked and intimidated by the shelter manager of HHS, Edward Perez....We will never be involved with any HHS events again. There is nothing anyone there could say or so to make up for this man's behavior."

Sara writes: "It is devastating that this person is so high up at HHS and that he uses his power to belittle and abuse people that are volunteering their time for a worthy cause to help animals. It is extremely unsettling that Edward is in power at the shelter. I shudder to think how he treats the innocent animals at HHS."

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I used to work there. I'm not remotely surprised by this. I wonder what it will take, how many law suits, how many incidents like this before those two are removed from power at HHS. How many volunteers and employees will go through this before someone steps in and helps? It's not like this is the first time this has happened. It's not even the second time.

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