Who Are These Texas Animal Welfare Groups Protecting, and Why?

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Houston Humane Society Shelter Director Edward Perez makes friends wherever he goes.
The Texas Humane Legislative Network pushes for animal-friendly laws, and encourages responsible ownership, a la spaying and neutering your pet. But it appears that the Network itself is neutered when it comes to supporting its dedicated volunteers.

We're talking about an alleged incident where the Houston Humane Society's shelter director berated and humiliated two Network volunteers who were scheduled to operate a booth at the HHS Fun Run charity March 23. The volunteers were asked to keep their mouths shut by the Network's executive director, because he wanted to take the "high road." We call bullshit.

The alleged incident occurred when the volunteers were parking in a staging area by Sam Houston Park. One of the volunteers stated in an email that, although a Houston police officer allowed them to park behind blockades, a "large bearded man began waving his arms and yelling" that they could not park there.

This man turned out to be Edward Perez, a fellow who former HHS employees have described as a toxic combination of verbally abusive bully and teacher's pet -- the teacher in this case being HHS Executive Director Sherry Ferguson. (Ferguson also sits on the Network's advisory board).

Perez started from a baseline of hostile and then accelerated to intimidating, according to the volunteer, who we'll call Sara, because she asked us not to use her name.

Sara explained that even though she and a fellow volunteer told Perez they just wanted to unload their merchandise (and a puppy), and they'd move their truck afterwards, Perez wasn't having it. She also told him it was a public street and they had every right to park there. Thing is, you never say stuff like that to a bully, because it reminds them that, even though they might have a walkie-talkie or a clipboard or a fancy lanyard, they're severely inadequate people. And there's nothing worse than a bully who's just been reminded why he's a bully. (Perez did not reply to an email seeking comment).

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I used to work there. I'm not remotely surprised by this. I wonder what it will take, how many law suits, how many incidents like this before those two are removed from power at HHS. How many volunteers and employees will go through this before someone steps in and helps? It's not like this is the first time this has happened. It's not even the second time.

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