The New Hate Group List Is In, Y'all!

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A Holocaust denier, Yeager valiantly rails against the "HoloHoax," exposing how we've all been brainwashed to believe that "the means used to keep people alive and healthy -- showers and Zyklon B disinfectant -- are accused of being murder weapons." There's also a stimulating discussion on "how much humor should 'holocaust' films contain." (In our opinion, when it comes to gas chambers, there's no such thing as "too much" humor!).

For Aryan students in Tarrant County, we recommend the White Student Union of Tarrant County, one of the only student groups with the balls to ask the tough questions, like "Is it OK to be WHITE in America?"

The WSU has even found like-minded souls in our neighbors to the north: The pro-white Canadians in the Federation of Quebec Born "have volunteered to make us some logo buttons free of charge!" the WSU's president wrote in 2013. (You just know the greedy bastards in the Federation of Quebec Jews would've charged out the ass for that).

Please feel free to bombard these groups with emails and phone calls requesting more information on their membership process. They'll really appreciate it.

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