Fantasy Crime League Update: The Ravens Are Running Away With 2014!

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Sometimes, a team is so dialed in, it's almost mesmerizing to watch, taking their collective game to heights never before seen.

We saw it in football with the Rams in the late 90's, the "Greatest Show On Turf." We saw it with last year's Miami Heat during their 27 game winning streak. Wichita State this season has given us a little taste in college basketball.

So we should all probably just sit back and admire greatness, a dynasty working at its craft, because the Ravens are making a mockery of the 2014 NFL Fantasy Crime League!

Thus far, a whopping 75 percent of the reported crimes committed by NFL players this offseason has been committed by a member of the Baltimore Ravens! Granted, there have only been four crimes committed thus far that we know of, but still, SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT!

Here's the latest, courtesy of the Baltimore Sun:

Ravens reserve offensive lineman Jah Reid was arrested and charged with two misdemeanor battery counts following an altercation at a bar early Sunday morning in Key West, Fla., according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and Key West police department.

Key West police department public information officer Alyson Crean said that Reid and another man, Benjamin Buxton, got into a fight at the Red Garter Saloon with several other people. The fight then escalated into a confrontation with security officials after they tried to break it up, according to the arrest affidavit.

Crean said that police were called to the bar and reviewed surveillance video, which showed Reid fighting. Crean said that police reviewed the video and saw Reid was bumped into by another man, with an argument then unfolding. Police said that Reid was seen head-butting the other man before punching and kicking him.

When the bar security officials intervened, Crean said Reid began punching them, according to the affidavit. One security official suffered minor facial injuries -- a split lip, Crean said.

Head butts, punching security guards, kicking people...Reid was a house on fire! And just when you thought it couldn't get any more off the chain, then out came the taser....

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