Places You Didn't Think You'd Miss Until They Were Gone: RadioShack Shuttering 1,100 Stores

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Hopes and dreams of young engineers everywhere are slowly being crushed.

There are 35 RadioShack stores in the Houston. Would you miss them if they were gone?

RadioShack, despite a massive re-branding effort over the last year, announced on Tuesday it would be closing 1,100 of its 4,000 retail outlets due to poor earnings. The electronics store has been operating at a loss and announced it would make the closures of "underperforming" outlets this year. The company hasn't slacked on its promotional efforts, featuring a new tagline "Do It Together" and an '80s-themed Super Bowl commercial.

No word yet on which Houston stores will be closed.

RadioShack is mostly a victim of the massive changes in technology that have taken place over the last 20 years. Prior to that, there were still decent toys to be had from the store (their remote controlled cars were often a coveted Christmas item) and anyone who needed any kind of electronic part could find it among their regular haunts.

But, as hardware moved away from technology some guy in his garage with a soldering iron and a dream could actually build, the need for stores like RadioShack began to diminish.

The chain is now turning its attention to basic electronic consumer goods, cell phones in particular. But with so many stores in that marketplace it seems unlikely people will choose RadioShack.

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