Deplorable Oklahoma City Thunder Fans Tweet About Patrick Beverley and "Karma"

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And finally, the worst one out of all of them...
RULE: If you're going to insult somebody, you have to spell the insult correctly. Otherwise, it's 3 to 5 years in prison.

They have a function on Twitter whereby you can report people for spamming. I have no idea what the punishment is, but it would seem, at the very least, being reported for spam would result in some sort of minor inconvenience. Well, there should also be a Twitter function that allows you to report people for taking pleasure in other people's injuries, and provided that the injured person is not a criminal, pedophile, terrorist, or David Schwimmer, being reported would result in some sort of Twitter punishment.

It would be one small brick out of the war on keyboard courage. For now, just know that all of the people above (who represent just a fraction of the "Patrick Beverley karma" tweets) are likely all terrible people.

At the very least, they're terrible sports fans.

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Meh! Dude not only did it once, but a year later playing against OKC goes full speed at Westbrook again. Both plays RW was obviously going to call a timeout. Patrick Beverly is lucky he only blew his knee out. If this was the NBA of the 80's he would be missing teeth as well.

CT Tracy
CT Tracy

To watch footage of the old Celtics/Pistons games, hustle was a key part of the game. Beverly gives it all he has every game. Hope he has a speedy recovery! Keep your head up Bevs! We got your back!

Travis Leatherwood
Travis Leatherwood

Eh, when Bev comes back and leads the Rockets past OKC in the playoffs then they'll quiet down


I understand the logic of the tweets supposedly coming from OKC fans, but the only one that had a location was from California...

Maybe, just maybe, NBA fans IN GENERAL saw it as karma, and not necessarily "JUST" Oklahoma City fans. There can be fans that aren't Houston fans that saw it the exact same way. 

Just a thought. Carry on. 


Fans?  You expect good manners from fans?!

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Remember there is nothing else in Joklahoma, so this team is all they've got aside from land stolen from native Americans  Sooners they shut up the better.

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