Deplorable Oklahoma City Thunder Fans Tweet About Patrick Beverley and "Karma"

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Photo by Artem Korzhimanov
Beverly had better days playing in Russia.
There aren't a whole lot of things that are off limits for sports fans.

Buying a ticket allows you to engage in every form of jackassery that doesn't harm somebody else. Social media allows you to directly interact with not only fans of other teams, but the actual players from those teams as well. All that's asked of fans is that they stay on the proper side of the law and act with a little decorum when they have their "fan" hats on.

But a few rotten apples will inevitably spoil every bunch, and sports fans are no different. People suck sometimes, as witnessed by the reaction of sheer joy by some Oklahoma City Thunder fans to Patrick Beverley's torn meniscus, suffered last Thursday against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Before we get to said reaction, a little background on the beef between Beverley and the Thunder followers.

It goes back to last season's playoffs when, in Game 2 of the opening round series, Beverley went in hard after the ball on a play where Thunder point guard seemed to be expecting him to concede a timeout. Well, Beverley, who was a few months removed from playing in Russia at the time, was not in a habit of really conceding anything. Here was that play:

Westbrook wound up with a torn meniscus in his right knee that required surgery, and he ended up missing the balance of the 2013 playoffs, an absence which the Thunder were able to overcome (with moderate difficulty) against the Rockets, but unable to do so in the next round against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Thunder fans were outraged, and took to Twitter to tell Patrick Beverley what a deplorable human being, dirty basketball player, and societal menace that he was. The keyboard courage flowed like the Red River.

Well, after Beverley's injury (ironically, a meniscus tear) on Thursday, the OKC Twitter thugs came out again, as if Beverley had not only torn his meniscus on that cut in the Sixers game, but also accidentally kicked an ant pile, out of which crawled a slew of mouth breathing jerks ready to pounce.

A quick search of "Patrick Beverley karma" on Twitter Sunday night yielded some of the following results:

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Meh! Dude not only did it once, but a year later playing against OKC goes full speed at Westbrook again. Both plays RW was obviously going to call a timeout. Patrick Beverly is lucky he only blew his knee out. If this was the NBA of the 80's he would be missing teeth as well.

CT Tracy
CT Tracy

To watch footage of the old Celtics/Pistons games, hustle was a key part of the game. Beverly gives it all he has every game. Hope he has a speedy recovery! Keep your head up Bevs! We got your back!

Travis Leatherwood
Travis Leatherwood

Eh, when Bev comes back and leads the Rockets past OKC in the playoffs then they'll quiet down


I understand the logic of the tweets supposedly coming from OKC fans, but the only one that had a location was from California...

Maybe, just maybe, NBA fans IN GENERAL saw it as karma, and not necessarily "JUST" Oklahoma City fans. There can be fans that aren't Houston fans that saw it the exact same way. 

Just a thought. Carry on. 


Fans?  You expect good manners from fans?!

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Remember there is nothing else in Joklahoma, so this team is all they've got aside from land stolen from native Americans  Sooners they shut up the better.

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