The CSN Houston Bankruptcy Clown Show Just Keeps Clowning Away

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Hughes is calling all of them to his office, and he's going to give his thoughts on the case, probably along the lines that there's no way the Astros are going to win this appeal and that it's time for Crane to act like a grown-up and give up the appeal. He's also said in past hearings that he's not happy with the fraud lawsuit between Jim Crane and Drayton McLane/Comcast, so odds are the he'll try to strong-arm Crane into dismissing the suit or to request that it be put on hold until some time way in the future.

Hughes doesn't suffer idiots well, I've been told, and if either of the parties dares to disagree, that could doom them to being on the wrong side of his rulings for as long as the case lasts. So Crane and Alexander and Pick are going to have to bite their tongues and not fight back. And the parties better know every single, minute detail of the bankruptcy and the agreements behind forming the network because Hughes will know everything (or think he does).

I don't like that the parties can't bring their attorneys -- there's nothing forbidding them from bringing their in-house counsel, but in-house and outside counsel serve very different functions, and it's the outside counsel who will know every single detail of the litigation and the possible strategy moves. But the fact that Hughes wants these men and/or someone with authority to make binding decisions present seems to indicate that he thinks he can get this thing settled and out of his courtroom.

But what's it all mean?

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