Alleged TV Channel 13 Shooter Wrote of People "Exploiting Me Nude," and Other Bizarre Stuff

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More than a few conspiracy theories were found on Michelle Burk's Facebook page.
The woman accused of firing shots outside Channel 13 (KTRK) Thursday morning posted results of a pap smear on her Facebook page, and wrote about people "who are defaming" her.

Michelle Monique Burks, who was charged with felony deadly conduct after she allegedly fired shots into the TV station's West University offices, wrote about people attacking her character, and suspected that the "Christian Church" may have been "exploiting me nude."

Burks also writes extensively about health problems, two divorces, and prior employment at a Toshiba manufacturing plant.

She also posted a photo of hand-written plans for a "counter-terrorist" plan that she claimed was "sold to the United States Government/Homeland Security only, with an agreement of an undisclosed sale."

The most recent available comment we could find was from January 2013. One month before that, she posted images of a CPS report and wrote "Proof that my CPS case was ruled out May 2008, meaning that I am a fit mother."

She added later that "I cannot allow my daughter in my home because I'm afraid that they will exploit her naked/nude to the public and post her on websites like they have done to me. This statement is signed by Michelle Monique Burks."

Yikes. We're just glad no one was hurt this morning.

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Daniella Montemayor
Daniella Montemayor

Very easy to call people crazy when you have no idea about mental illness. I hope none of you have to face that. This state especially has very limited treatment for the mentally ill. They find it easier just to throw them in prison. Maybe this wouldn't have happened had she had the care she needed.

Melissa Vivanco
Melissa Vivanco

It sounds like she is suffering from mental illness and needs to be in a hospital.

Kylejack topcommenter

Scroll a little further down on that Facebook feed and you'll see her apparent beef with KTRK.

"Sharron Melton admitted she's a whore for Tom Koch and Don Nelson. I wonder how they wife feel about a black nigga whore like Sharron Melton sucking the husbands of National TV penis. National TV, you people are some sick, dirty, nasty, filthy human beings. You even exposed children, you nasty bastards. Go to Hell, where you all belong. I understand Sharron Melton, you need to suck Tom Koch and Don Nelson penis to keep you job, because you are intelligent enough to perform your job tasks, like Jodie L. Glaze Manager of Human Resources at Toshiba International Corporation (TIC)."

Jeff Hill
Jeff Hill

Saw video of her in the back of a cop car and she looks absolutely insane.

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