2014 NFL Draft: Texans Tracker Update, "Ryan Mallett Trade Rumor" Edition

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Graphic by Monica Fuentes​
The Texans tracker, part deux.
Free agency is almost here, and beginning Tuesday afternoon teams will be shopping to fill holes on their rosters, and spending prices anywhere from "Rodeo Drive" to "bargain bin scrap heap."

Some teams like the Texans will hardly be spending at all, as they do what they can to keep their own free agents (some of them, at least) from bolting town and as they continue to prepare for May's draft.

Also, trades. There is still certainly a possibility that a trade or two could be made to fortify the Texans' draft position (i.e. get more picks) or shore up the quarterback spot.

And it's on that line of the transaction spectrum where we stop this week, the trade market, as we make our most recent update to our 2014 Texans Tracker.

To refresh, we unveiled the Texans Tracker last week, the purpose of the tool being to chronicle the rampant misguided speculation from anonymous (nonexistent?) sources across the Internet.

It had actually been a fairly quiet week last week since the combine ended, but that changed on Saturday night when we got our latest nugget of speculation about the Texans, their quarterback position, and in turn, the effect that would have on their selection with the number one overall pick in the draft.

At some point, the conjecture goes from being about the players being discussed to being about the conjecturers themselves, and it appears as though, thus far in the short history of the Texans Tracker, Mike Freeman and Matt Miller of Bleacher Report appear to be in a "crappy draft speculation" tennis match where the racquets are their keyboards, the ball is their inaccuracy, and the winner gets a lifetime supply of John McClain's scorn.

Other than a Russ Lande appearance on the Tracker the day after the Super Bowl, the Tracker has turned into the personal playground for Freeman and Miller to tout "sources" (high ranking and otherwise) and invisible beings from "around the league" as knowing precisely which direction the Texans are leaning at any given juncture.

Because inside sources will run, not walk to Bleacher Report to tell them exactly what's going on, I suppose.

Here's the latest, courtesy of Miller:

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I think it's very likely that the Texans might go the free agency route given the draft class this year really isn't a good bet.  (Johnny Football is NOT the answer.)  Plus McNair clearly has a jones for Clowney, so O'Brien might kill two birds by trading for a QB and drafting Clowney.  The question of course is which free agent?  Saw something about Matt Cassel the other day, and that's a bad idea.

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