Zapruder Analysis: WAC College Basketball Post-Game Fight

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WAC gets in their jabs like Cruise.
There's a scene in the Tom Cruise movie Far and Away (Yes, I know, I know...on the list of Cruise movies, this one is a tad obscure. It's like talking about the 2009 NBA Draft and bringing up Eric Maynor instead of James Harden or Blake Griffin) when the home of the wealthy Irish landlord is burned to the ground, and, as the landlord's wife is going through the charred remains of her home, she mutters despondently, "This is not the Ireland of my birth..."

That's kind of how I feel about the Western Athletic Conference (which is still and always will be the WAC to you and me).

What was once a trendy Mountain time zone football pinball machine has through realignment morphed into this unrecognizable mishmosh of orphaned state schools, brought together by a common mediocrity in all things athletic.

To wit, something called a "Utah Valley" is currently atop the WAC standings at 11-3 in conference play.

To a lesser extent than I (since I go back to the high-flying WAC days of BYU and Ty Detmer...that will ALWAYS be the WAC to me!), New Mexico State and Idaho probably feel like the Irish landlord's wife, too. They've actually been in the league since 2005, and can fondly recall the glory days of Jared Zabransky and Boise State ruling the roost.

Now they're stuck with Chicago State, Cal State Bakersfield and Grand Canyon.

Seriously, the Grand Canyon has a school? Do the students ride mules down a narrow trail to class at the bottom of the basin? And how soon until the WAC adds Yellowstone Park and Old Faithful? So many questions.

Anyway, perhaps it was some of that "realignment orphan" angst that made New Mexico State guard K.C. Ross-Miller zing the basketball at Utah Valley's Holton Hunsaker at the end of a thrilling 66-61 overtime win by UVU. That touched off this melee:

Court storming combined with a simmering brawl is a bad hormonal combination, like taking a hungry lion and putting him in a cage with a coked-up black bear (I would watch that fight, by the way.). With the banning of post-game court storming in college basketball being a huge topic of discussion these days, this incident will not help the cause for those who see storming the court as one of the rites of passage of the collegiate student experience.

Let's Zapruder briefly for a few highlights:

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