Wade Phillips: "The Texans Should Draft Johnny Football"

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Wade loves Johnny Football
With the annual "Hey, it's that time of year from February through NFL Draft, so take it with a grain of salt" caveat firmly attached, dare I say that the Johnny Manziel Express train to Houston in early May is picking up steam?

We asked several of our guests (whose opinions matter) on Radio Row last week in New York City, and the vast majority said the Texans should select Manziel with the first pick. On a conference call today, Mel Kiper made a comment that Manziel is the "consensus best quarterback in the draft." (Of course, in a separate conference call, Kiper's totally fabricated arch nemesis Todd McShay said that opinion is still split on Manziel in NFL circles so I refuse to listen to him.)

Well, go ahead and throw one more big log onto the "Johnny Football to the Texans" bonfire -- former Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips!

Phillips joined my esteemed colleagues Nick Wright and John Lopez on "In The Loop" this morning on SportsRadio 610, and had a lot to say on a bunch of things (highly recommend the entire interview, available on podcast at sportsradio610.com), but perhaps his firm opinion on Manziel may have been the most compelling, given Phillips's background as a defensive coordinator.

When asked what direction he thought the Texans should go with the No. 1 overall pick, Phillips did not hesitate:

"I think you should always look at need, but when I did the interview with the McNairs, I told them they should take Johnny Football."

Okay, first, I love that Phillips calls him "Johnny Football." Next, after joking that recommending Manziel to the McNairs possibly directly resulted in his now sitting in a studio with Nick and Lopez, Phillips expounded further as to why Manziel for the Texans:

"What he did against a really great Alabama team two years ago, to make the kind of plays he makes. You know I had Flutie, and it was at the end of his career, he was a lot older at that time, but those kind of guys (like Flutie and Manziel) that can make first downs when you're not supposed to, they give you something."

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gossamersixteen topcommenter

Yay, another stupid Aggie who will amount to nothing more than a Tebowish flash in the pan.. Sure draft him!


this is hopefully either a smoke screen or a reason son of bum was not offered the Texans head coaching job


If you think Wade knows what he's talking about, you haven't watched his career...

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