Super Snooze: "Best Matchup in Years" Turns Into Boring Rout

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Congrats to the Seahawks...and Mother Nature.
I know that players on the winning team are elated when the final seconds tick off the clock in a championship game. But is there anything more anti-climactic than confetti raining down on players who knew the outcome of the game for more than a full quarter? As excited as they must be to win, I have to wonder if the feeling of joy they had would have been more pointed had they managed to pull out a close victory.

No matter how they felt, I feel I can speak for everyone watching when I say, "Yawn." No doubt, Seattle fans were in heaven if by "heaven" I mean "drunk by the end of the third quarter." In a game many touted as one of the best match ups in a decade, the end result was a 43-8 thumping that started with a Denver safety on the first play and rolled swiftly downhill from there. Besides the Seahawks fans, only people who bet on a safety as the first score in the game or those who took the over on game time temperature went home happy in this one.

In fact, before getting into the game, it should be noted that the weather was downright perfect despite this being the first ever cold weather outdoor stadium Super Bowl. Mother Nature was most definitely smiling on Roger Goodell and the NFL (and Bruno Mars).

"Speed kills" is an axiom usually reserved for automobiles, but it certainly applies to sports, in this case the speed of the Seattle defense against what felt like a very sluggish Denver offense. Seattle held the Broncos to one touchdown and forced them into four turnovers including two Peyton Manning interceptions, one returned for a touchdown by Super Bowl MVP Malcom Smith.

From the very start, this was a laugher. From the opening play safety to the kickoff return for a touchdown by Percy Harvin to open the second half, it was ugly for the Broncos and a masterpiece for Coach Peter Carroll, only the third coach in history to win a national championship in college and a Super Bowl, and his squad.

Ironically, it wasn't just the Seattle defense that was impressive, but the offense and quarterback Russell Wilson. Sometimes called an elite game manager -- a seriously backhanded compliment -- Wilson was outstanding throwing for over 200 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. He led his offense to convert seven of their 12 third downs as well.

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In all honesty, a healthier, younger Manning might not have won, but the poor showing of the Broncos offense might have been avoided.  His neck woes have robbed him of his once formidable arm strength and left him looking like a practice squad QB when he wasn't able to set his feet.  Time for him to retire and he can still make a gazillion ads.  But the Seahawks did play very well, so they deserve the trophy.

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