"Sochi As Hoth" Star Wars Olympic YouTube Is Phenomenal

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And then there are the moguls. My God, the moguls.

One day into the Olympics, the stories began of female skiers taking practice runs down the downhill course and wiping out one by one. As it turns out, it would appear Sochi was testing their Olympic downhill run using the testing equivalent of suburban moms skiing down a green circle slope in southern Wisconsin somewhere. The moguls and jumps needed some serious shaving.

The conditions of the slopes (and the half pipe, and the indoor plumbing, and pretty much everything in Sochi) has been a huge topic, and has resulted in some spectacular wipe outs along the way. And really, all you can do at this point is have a sense of humor about it.

So, in this most frigid of Februarys, it warms my heart to see the internet meld two of my "dork out" items, Star Wars and the debacle that is the Sochi Olympics, together in one spectacularly creative 18 second YouTube clip...

Now if we can just get an animated GIF of someone sliding an unconscious snowboarder into a disemboweled Tauntaun, this will officially become the greatest sporting event of all time.

(h/t The Big Lead)

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