"Sochi As Hoth" Star Wars Olympic YouTube Is Phenomenal

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Olympic athlete and coach in Sochi before recently added event: Tauntaun riding.
We all dork out over something.

Me, I actually have a short list of things I dork out over, and just to refresh, my definition of "dork out" is "to spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing over and following, to the extent that a majority of society wouldn't understand."

My list: The Sopranos, Seinfeld, WWE (particularly '80s and '90s, when it was the WWF), salary caps, stories about tasing, crime in the state of Florida, stories about criminals in Florida being tased, and Star Wars.

I know, pretty eclectic list!

Well, one thing that's never, ever been on my list -- the Olympics.

Until this year.

How can you not dork out over these Sochi Olympics? Why, you ask? Well, how's this list?

Bob Costas' pink eye, Bob Costas' pink eye spreading into being pink eyes, Bob Costas' chugging vodka on national television because he's like "EFF IT, I HAVE PINK EYE," Bob Costas' face possibly melting off his skull like the Nazi guy in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Shaun White's possibly losing his mojo because he cut his flowing orange locks, Lindsay Vonn's being far more compelling (and fun to watch) rehabbing her knee injury in a bikini in a swimming pool than she's ever been actually skiing, Putin presiding over the indoor events like the Soviet president in Rocky IV, the potential for a Rocky IV "If I can change" moment starring Bob Costas' left eye, community toilets, the glorious sexual cocktail of 100,000 condoms and the Tinder app, media members tweeting out pictures of the Sochi tap urine water, curling, and every drinking game involving curling.

And that's just a small sample, we still have like another ten days or something to add to that list!

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