How Open-Carry Group Wants to Honor Texas Independence

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At the end of the day it's about firepower. Or, as it's being sold by gun advocates, it's about our Constitutional rights.

Yet, maybe, it's about acknowledging how Texas got free from Mexico, as the group Open Carry Texas said in a message last week to media.

"On March 2nd, 2014, the largest pro-carry group in the state, Open Carry Texas, will be celebrating the 178th anniversary of Texas Independence all across our great Republic. On this monumental day in history, Texas stood up against Mexico's tyranny in a powerful display of resistance, reclaiming our once-lost freedom."

The group wants to honor the spirit of Texas Independence with a call for everyone to carry their long rifles and super-antique side arms in public, so people aren't so scared when they see a guy with his AR-15 rifle slung over his shoulder.

For those who are against a free-for-all open carry law, their argument goes something like this, "When you see someone walking down the street with a rifle swinging from their back you think: Something dangerous is about to/or did go down, it's alarming."

The folks who want to carry their firearms around all day in public view, might say something like this, "It's our right and it keeps us safe. Plus if someone tries to rob me or do me harm I'll more easily blow his face off. If he's brave enough to try me."

Honestly, if we're lucky we'll have topless rights laws before some massive open-carry laws pass, but given that this is again a big campaign issue it's not likely we'll see free boobs before we see open gun muzzles on the streets.

With every unfortunate gun-related killing that gains national attention, the gun people get stirred. It seems like every weekend some group in Texas is helping to push the agenda with a public gathering. Most recently a group in Conroe made a showing with around 20 people sporting their rifles, with bored kids in tow.

"Before Newtown, I really wasn't that concerned, I was just a father. But after Newtown I watched President Obama go on TV and attack our gun rights," Eric Reed, the event's organizer and founder of "Gun Rights Across America," told the Courier of Montgomery County.

Whether it's about freedom, or security, they must be happy that open-carry continues to be in the spotlight.

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Why is this such a big campaign issue?  Only a small, vocal group want open carry in urban and commercial areas.  Who wants to encounter a guy with an AR15 on the cereal aisle in Randall's?  The more these folks have these "rallies", the more they educate Texans about how absurd their agenda really is.  


From our cold dead hands!!!!


 And yet so far most of the "shootings" that recently happened and put the fear of the big bad horrible deadly self acting guns happened in places where people "aren't allowed" to carry guns :)

Look at all the bloodshed that came from having these places where only criminals who want to do harm are allowed to carry, and since people who believe in the law can't carry there they are powerless to stop them and have to wait for the slow police to get together and arrive on the scene....

Better laws?  No, we need less laws because the ones in place can't even be enforced properly, instead the police make up laws to turn a non-criminal into a criminal.

Better politicians? Yes, we need to really fire everyone of them who has betrayed our rights.

Good luck getting better voters, people care more about chugging along in their own little lives to invest time into protecting their rights until its too late and they are being trampled on.


The pity is that there are so many things that could be done instead of this.  (Better laws, better politicians, better voters, etc.)


@Lothario  How about we just get rid of stupid people like you.

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