Pro-Manziel Billboards by Local Attorney Eerily Familiar

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I think that says it all.
Back in 2006, local furniture purveyor Jim "Mattress Mac" McInvale -- before he was doling out $7 million in refunds over a Super Bowl "bet" -- was a big fan of Vince Young. So much so, he took out a full-page ad in the Chronicle extolling the virtues of Young and encouraging (to just this side of demanding) the Texans to draft him. They had the number one pick in the draft that year and opted instead for defensive end Mario Williams, a controversial choice that nevertheless turned out to be the right one.

Despite Young's failings both on and off the field, there are, every so often, still delusional callers on sports radio suggesting Young might revive his career in Houston, especially when Matt Schaub was struggling.

Things like Mac's ad are not uncommon and are generally more representative of fans who have enough money to afford such things. When Tim Tebow was on the trading block, before going to the Jets, another rich guy in Jacksonville took out ads practically demanding that the Jaguars make him their starter or else. I'm not sure what else the guy could do to the lowly Jaguars. They average fewer fans per game than most NBA franchises.

This year, the Texans are back to number one in the draft and yet another charismatic Texas college quarterback is in the discussion for that pick. Enter attorney Tony Buzbee. Not only has he bought 12 billboards throughout Houston with the message "Keep Johnny football in Texas!" -- yes, lowercase "f" -- but he has also started a website to do the same with this on the front page:

This site is dedicated to supporting Johnny Manziel as the #1 draft pick of the Houston Texans in 2014. To win in the NFL a team must have a quarterback with strong leadership skills, a winning attitude, and lots of talent. Johnny Manziel is a winner and he is a unique talent--college football has never seen anything like him. Johnny Manziel has proven time and again that he has those skills needed to get the Texans back on track. If the Texans use their number one pick on Johnny, we will once again have hopes of Super Bowl glory. If you're a Texans fan, and you want to see Johnny Manziel in a Texans uniform, show your support by liking our Facebook page. Let's show Bob McNair just how much we want and NEED Johnny Football. Through Bob McNair's leadership, Houston again has a pro football team. We ask that Mr. McNair lead again and keep Johnny Football in Texas.

Let's dissect this a bit, shall we?

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Sports: the opiate of the masses


it's a shame this attorney, who obviously has too much time on his hands, did not use the the money paid for outdoor boards to benefit a local charity – but who am I kidding?


The word "fan" is short for fanatic, and this qualifies.

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