Hydrocodone Was Allegedly Found on City Jail Guard

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Don't bring your drugs to work.

Especially if you work in a jail.

Dominique Natrel Duncan just lost his $30,000-plus-a-year gig according to the Harris County Sheriff's office, which arrested him this week on a charge of illegally possessing painkillers with intent to sell.

Duncan, 23, was nabbed in an internal affairs investigation just a few steps from the entrance to his job at the downtown jail complex Monday afternoon. Authorities found at least 28 grams of hydrocodone on Duncan, according to court documents.

He had come on the job in May, meaning he was probably making around $2,674 a month, according to the sheriff's office website.

The worse part for him, besides the whole losing-a-job thing and potentially having a drug arrest on his record, might have been that he had to spend a day in the same jail where he was no doubt helping to book his fair share of inmates arrested on similar charges.

Duncan was later released on $10,000 bail.

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Worked with a gal that used to be a CO in Houston.  She'd likely do something like this.  Their hiring standards are lame.

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