NASA Is Defending the Planet From Asteroids

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It all sounds exciting, though we have to wonder how we are going to get astronauts to Mars when we don't even have it in the federal budget to fund further exploration of the moon. It's particularly questionable considering NASA is the organization that has routinely seen its funding slashed in budget battles in recent years.

Either way, NASA has a plan, and sometime in the next decade an asteroid may be orbiting the moon, even if we aren't. Plus there are even more people looking for any near-Earth asteroids, because what happened in Russia is only cool in the movies. (It's a little cool in the real world, too, but way scarier.)

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Years ago, Texas Monthy did a piece on how NASA has been underfunded for years, and all shuttle missions were more about surviving than anything else.  Don't think we're going to be saved by asteroids.

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