Mr. Perfect 2014: J.J. Watt's Ice Hockey Instagram

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Is there ANYTHING this guy can't do?
Back in the late '80s, WWE (then known by its old acronym of the WWF, but for purposes of the here and now, we will call it "WWE") was introducing a repackaged (and significantly more steroid-fueled) Curt Hennig to its viewing audience.

When last the WWE faithful had seen Curt Hennig, he was a scrawny, plucky and very pale "jobber to the stars," wrestling parlance for a nine seed in the NBA's Western Conference.

Six years later, tanned and gassed up to the gills on dianabol, he would be spoon-fed to the audience as "Mr. Perfect," a brash, cocky heel, and to convey just how "perfect" he was, Hennig would show off his totally edited and contrived prowess in numerous sports outside of wrestling. The vignettes were the stuff of legend, as cheesy as they were memorable.

Here they are (and I promise, I'm going somewhere J.J. Watt-related with this)....

There was football with former Vikings tight end Steve Jordan.... with Hall of Famer Wade Boggs... with former Minnesota Timberwolf Felton Spencer....

...and even hockey with former Dallas Star Mike Modano....

There was nothing Mr. Perfect couldn't do! He was truly PERFECT!

(NOTE: Except beat Hulk Hogan. Nobody did that back in the late 1980s. Nobody.)

Well, in 2014, Curt Hennig is no longer with us, so the world needs a new Mr. Perfect, a new and undeniable hero who convinces us via short, inspirational video vignettes that he can accomplish anything in any field of athletics.

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Wayward Shepherd
Wayward Shepherd

If he takes a pay cut, I'll like him. Until then he's just another overpaid corporate shill.


Comparing Watt to Mr.Perfect?  Why?

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