Huffman Man Shuts Down ABC News Team

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Cops say a video shows this guy pointing his pistol at TV crew.
One of the key characteristics of any good journalist is that he or she doesn't take "No," for an answer. It's our daily duty to talk to people who, quite frankly, don't always want to be talked to. We get paid to do this, man.

So when you send a news team scurrying for the open road, you probably made them fear for their lives, which was the case in Huffman last week.

Larry Ricketts, 73, was one of those people who didn't want to talk on camera. And while he was free on $30,000 bail at the time --- in a case where he's charged with aggravated sexual abuse of a five-year-old girl --- he's now in jail for allegedly pulling a gun on an ABC 13 news crew.

KTRK-TV Houston news reporter Demond Fernandez and his videographer, Gerzain Garcia, walked up Rickett's porch on Thursday, and politely knocked.

Ricketts, 73, opens and kindly acknowledges who he is (maybe he thought he was about to get a Publisher's Clearing House check). Before Fernandez can properly introduce himself, Ricketts points his finger and demands they get out of there with that camera business.

Fernandez stands firm for at least five seconds, camera still rolling. Ricketts turns to a cabinet and pulls out a small handgun, according to a police report.

Fernandez changes his stance quick-fast, "It's okay, we're leaving."

KTRK shared the video far and wide, titling it, "Man pulls gun on Demond Fernandez".

A harrowing moment in television journalism indeed.

Now Ricketts, dad of a convicted murderer, is being held without bail in this gun incident, charged with aggravated assault.

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Let's see....the channel 13 news team shows up at his property, goes onto his front porch, knocks on the door, and then starts video, apparently aimed into this man's house. Yet, the homeowner was put in jail. That seems wrong. It is the county or some local law enforcement involved? What were they thinking? This man has a right to tell people to get off his property. He should also have told them no filming, had he should file a lawsuit against channel 13 for taking a video of what was he was doing inside his house!

I'd probably have pulled a shotgun on the idiots on the pompous asses. They had no right on this man's private property.

The homeowner isn't the bad guy. Channel 13 is.


There might well come a time when the gun goes off on a news crew.

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