HISD School Closings: Would You Feel Better If They Called Them Repurposings?

Categories: Education

Port Houston could become the destination spot for the REACH program now housed at Furr High School and "establish it as a stand-alone alternative high school for recovered dropout students."

Fleming Middle School could be repurposed "as the HISD Professional Development Training Center." Or used to "create a stand-alone health and medical science academy 'Baylor-like' for middle school students."

And Henderson Elementary could become "a Twilight High School to serve students in the Wheatley [High School] and surrounding attendance zones." Or "create a day care/early childhood center to serve students [with children] and the community."

Of course, any building that remains vacant and out of use for 18 months has to be "considered for demolition," the last page of the PowerPoint stated.

The board is expected to meet again on March 6 at 7:30 a.m. (ha!) to consider further questions from trustees. Grier said his administration will make his final recommendations after that.

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