HISD School Closings: Would You Feel Better If They Called Them Repurposings?

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The other schools up for closure consideration are Dodson Elementary, Henderson Elementary and Port Houston Elementary as well as Fleming Middle School.

Grier said much of the problem in Houston is that because it a district that gives parents the opportunity to choose the schools their children attend, that people will send their kids where they will have better opportunities. (He also stressed that he loves school choice).

Dodson Elementary houses a Montessori magnet school program, but there has been declining interest in it, Grier said. The district wants to move its kids to Blackshear, Rusk and Lantrip elementaries. Even though Dodson is not a failing school, Grier said it should be closed and the building used for something else.

There was a lot of discussion about "repurposing" the schools up for closure.According to the PowerPoint presentation:

Besides getting to serve as swing facilities for other construction projects, renovate Jones "to house a career training high school similar to Barbara Jordan HS for students in the southern part of the district."

Dodson Elementary could be transformed into a middle school magnet program for energy or law enforcement.

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