Gun-Toting Banana Man Detained, Actually Working for a Local Gun Store

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Like this but with a rifle.
Whenever I'm driving along the road and I see some poor sucker in a weird costume, particularly on a sweltering August day, I feel a little bad for him. No way that guy is getting good money despite having arguably the most ridiculous job you could get. I always try to wave to the poor bastard because, it's literally the least I can do.

But if I saw a guy dressed like a banana waving a rifle at a busy intersection, I probably wouldn't wave so much as pee myself and dial 9-1-1. So imagine the consternation when this very thing happened to people driving on the Eastex Freeway in Beaumont.

Apparently, police were summoned to the intersection of Highway 105 and the freeway, where they found an 18-year-old in a banana costume holding an AK-47. Nothing out of order there. The man was detained until it was determined he was working for Golden Triangle Tactical gun shop and this was just a promotional stunt because nothing says "Buy a gun" like some dude dressed like a phallic-shaped cartoon fruit.

The man was cited for violating a city ordinance prohibiting solicitation on roadways. There is a possibility he might face other charges for display of a firearm, but no word on that as of yet.

The next time you see some crazy costumed guy on the side of the road, maybe take a glance to see if he's packing. You never know.

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Do you use the term "gun-toting" to illustrate your personal perception of our local second amendment supporters, Mr. Balke, or is it just a hip catch-phrase headline attempting to cast a negative shadow on the reputation of legal gun owners? I'm almost certain the "phallic" banana in question had his firearm "legally-slung" over his shoulder, barrel pointing down, in a safe, non-threatening manner. Your article would have me believe this young man was waving a firearm without regard to the safety of others, much like the "Liberty Tax" mascot twirls his sign; reckless and carefree. Truth in journalism goes a long way...while reporting your own biased outlook gets you about five whole "likes". This article also leaves your readers wondering what exactly you do with bananas in your spare time. Just sayin'.

johnnybench topcommenter

First they came for the bananas, and I said nothing for I am not a banana. 

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