Great Bull Run "Selfie" From Our Slideshow Goes Viral

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Photo by Derrek Barlow
And a Rockets fan to boot.
A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. - Eudora Welty

Last week, we sent photographer Derrek Barlow to the Great Bull Run, an event much debated by plenty of folks around here. He took a number of fantastic shots that you can see in our slideshow from the event, but one in particular captured the attention of the Internet. In it, one of the participants, shown running frantically with an enormous bull bearing down on him, is trying to take a "selfie."

The combination of the look on the runner's face, the camera position and the huge beast behind him make for image gold. As someone who has taken thousands and thousands of photos in my life, I can say that all photographers hope for a moment like that in their careers.

Websites and news outlets across the globe (even the Today show) have been requesting to use the photo. It went viral after someone on Reddit posted it with the caption "Selfie Level 11 achieved."

Hats off to "Christian" (the name of the guy in the shot who was actually shooting video of the entire thing) and especially hats off to Derrek for catching this craziness on film pixels.

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