Goodbye, Sochi: Top 10 Memories of the 2014 Winter Olympics

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3. Sochi's Shawshank-style accommodations
Whether it was the urine colored water, a nationwide shortage of pillows, defective locks on bathroom doors, or the unsanitary conditions of the bathrooms themselves, the comparative squalor of Sochi for American media types juxtaposed to the Super Bowl the previous week will always be remembered (and laughed at by those who rightly think the media complains too much) fondly.

2. Johnny Weir
Johnny Weir...

...that is all.

1. Sochi Bear
You can judge a lot about an event by the mascot that represents it. Along those lines, the mascot for the 2014 Winter Olympics was a massive bear that can best be described as "Teddy Ruxpin after a session with Michael Jackson's dermatologist and after being stung in the face by a massive swarm of bees." Sochi Bear's best moments at the Olympics? Probably creeping on (practically trolling) the United States men's hockey team during the bronze medal game, and then shedding one single tear to symbolize the end of the games at the closing ceremony.

And now I shed a single tear. Goodbye, Sochi. You may now return to your shoddy treatment of your citizenry.

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