Goodbye, Sochi: Top 10 Memories of the 2014 Winter Olympics

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7. This Star Wars video
The conditions were apparently less than optimal on the slopes, and thankfully someone with some video editing prowess and a love for Star Wars came up with this...

6. The crashes
Of course, perhaps satirical Star Wars videos would not have been necessary if the Sochi Oympics folks had just taken the time to properly test and shape the moguls on their downhill runs. It started at the beginning of the event when the first three women's downhill skiers all took spills after a jump was clearly designed for "blue square" skiers, not "black diamond" skiers. Then there were the snowboard crash landings and other foibles where the weather conditions essentially created puddles in the middle of the half pipe. As is standard in 2014, slideshows with the numerous crashes of Sochi abounded.

5. The town square beatdown of Pussy Riot
If you had asked me what Pussy Riot was before the Olympics I would have said it was an adult film about stand up comedians getting a ridiculous amount of groupie tail. As it turns out, it is actually a Russian punk rock band that is not really a big fan of Putin's policies. At first, they were just a funny name to hear Bob Costas say on TV...

Then they became a much bigger storyline of Sochi. As it turns out, the feelings are mutual between Pussy Riot and Putin, as seen in this video where Putin's Cossack law enforcement types disperse an impromptu show that the band was about to play in some Sochi town square somewhere...

I wish Obama would give the LAPD the green light to give Bieber the Pussy Riot treatment. Just saying.

4. Stray dogs
Clearly, the good people of Sochi are not fans of the old Price is Right, otherwise they would have heeded Bob Barker's advice to help control the pet population and have your pet spayed or neutered, because Sochi is apparently overrun with stray dogs. And apparently there's no elegant way to alleviate the stray dog, um, issue once it's out there. Me, I thought actually helping with the pet population as an Olympic event (part of the biathlon?) would've been interesting.

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