Examining the Remaining NBA Schedule: Can the Rockets Get to 56 Wins?

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Betting on NBA games is like day trading.
I've often said that betting on NBA games each night is financial suicide the equivalent of day trading, with its volatility and roller coaster-style emotion, while season bets are more like gradual financial suicide investing, where the ebb and flow is a season-long thing.

So with anywhere from 20 to 25 games remaining for all of the teams in the league, it's time to check in on our portfolio, especially because YOUR Houston Rockets are one of my five highly recommended bets (dare I say "BEST Bets"?) going into the season.

Kevin McHale's bunch need to get to 56 wins for us to cash the ticket. Can they get there? Let's take a look....

First, let's look at the other four, shall we?


Since last season's seventh and eighth seeded teams in the Eastern Conference (Boston and Philly) are virtual locks to nail down high lottery picks, they have to be replaced by someone, right? (Unfortunately, that answer is "yes.") The most likely candidates, in alphabetical order:

1. Cleveland (39.5): Betting on them to go over the total is to bet on Andrew Bynum's health, and...well, didn't we just get done talking about Philadelphia? Yeah, I thought so.

2. Detroit (40.5): Just a really weird team -- Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond, Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings...it feels like a fantasy team for a guy who showed up like an hour late for the draft so you let him take the highest four guys on the board at that time to make up for it.

3. Milwaukee (29.5): They're going the other way.

4. Toronto (37.5): They could either be in the mix, or they could be dumping Demar DeRozan, Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry at the trade deadline. Too risky.

5. Which brings us to...the WIZ! Nobody beats the WIZ! Well, actually, a lot of people do, but as long as they only do it 41 times, we win this bet, kids! And I think with a full season of John Wall and Bradley Beal together, they're ready to become a playoff team. The pickup of Marcin Gortat last week will help, too.

ON PACE FOR: 42-40
CONFIDENCE LEVEL (1 to 10): 7.28
The Wizards have won five in a row, are playing their best basketball of the season, and have 13 of their remaining 24 games against teams that would be in the lottery if the season ended today. Home court in the first round of the playoffs is a very real possibility. I feel pretty good about this one. Actually, the only thing I feel bad about on this entry is that I didn't fire on the other four teams I mentioned in the post before the season (Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Toronto). Turns out I had a decent vibe on all of them.

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