Early NBA All-Star Present: Charles Barkley's Attempt to Pronounce "Valanciunas"

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Now, any actual analysis over which general manager got the best of the draft process took a backseat to Charles Barkley's attempt to pronounce Toronto's Jonas Valanciunas's last name, which is a very difficult thing for the average proper enunciator to handle, let alone a dude from Leeds, Alabama, who can't pronounce the word "terrible."

Here is the video footage of Valanciunas's unintentionally trolling Barkley's brain with his last name:

So just so we have this straight...

"Valanciunas" actual pronunciation: VAL-an-see-you-nus

"Valanciunas" Barkley pronunciation: VAH-soo-ee-noo-wah-sauce

Turrible, Chuck.

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