Don Imus Endorses Kinky Friedman Ag Commissioner Campaign

Photo by Daniel Kramer
Running for agriculture commish on the weed platform.
Fox Business talk show host Don Imus has come out in support of Richard "Kinky" Friedman's campaign for Texas Agriculture Commissioner. He's also having some fun with it.

Imus had a phone conversation with Friedman on his show Wednesday morning. Here's a transcript the show put on its blog:

8:40:17 A.M. - The GREAT Kinky Friedman is on to discuss his bid for Texas Agriculture Commissioner. The I-Man's got a lot riding on this, because he's ready to plant a few acres of hemp in anticipation of Kinky's being elected and legalizing marijuana. At least we think it's Hemp. Deirdre could have substituted organic Kale for all we know, we won't until we put it in the bong with some Cholula and smoke it. Imus fears that Texas Voters don't know how brilliant the Kinkster is, what a humanitarian, and what a big heart he has for both humans AND animals. Of course, the name 'Kinky' might have something to do with that. Especially if you Google it the wrong way. Talk about "NSFW". Whatever you do, don't type in 'Kinky Texas', unless you want a bunch of photos of Cowboys with gag balls in their mouths.

Hairballs talked to Imus Thursday about Friedman and his recent statement during his campaign stop in Houston last Sunday that, if elected, he hopes Imus will apply for a grant to grow hemp on the ranch he recently purchased near Brenham. Friedman's reasoning was that such a grant would likely result in the Attorney General's office having to reexamine current law and issue a ruling in relation to hemp farming.

Commercial hemp farming (to replace cotton farming to some extent) is one of the planks in Friedman's platform. Friedman supports lifting the ban on hemp farming not only for economic reasons but also as a matter of water conservation and a significant reduction in the use of pesticides, which are intensively required in cotton farming but are not necessary with hemp since it is a weed and of no interest to bugs as a food source.

He also noted that China is the world's largest producer of hemp and that the U.S. is a major importer.

Laughing at our report of Friedman's proposal, Imus scoffed, "Well, that's a pretty interesting idea, but that's just hyperbole. I don't think my wife is going to let me do anything that might put me in jail."

Imus did go on to say he fully supports Friedman's campaign.

"Kinky Friedman is one of the kindest, most humanitarian people I've ever been around," says Imus. "I don't think the average Texan realizes what a great heart this guy has or just how smart and honest he is. I think he'd be great in any state office."

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Given Imus' past, having him for a supporter only reinforces Kinky's impolitic remarks about the folks from Louisiana who came to Texas after Katrina.


@Puller58  So what you're saying is you'd rather some conservative old white guys with zero new ideas who don't even know what Katrina was are who you'll vote for? 'Scuse me?

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